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Yes Virginia, we do work in the winter

21 Jan Blog | Comments
Yes Virginia, we do work in the winter

Are you ready for spring?

Our recent bone chilling weather has likely done some damage to your pool tile, deck and coping. When you remove your cover in the spring don’t be surprised to find things a little different than they were when you put your pool into hibernation. At Precision Pool Renovations our advice is simple, plan ahead and when you do remove that cover have the contact information for a good pool remodeler/construction professional.

Why choose a pool remodeler? Pool service professionals are your trusted weekly pool cleaners and the guys who replace a pump or filter. In comparison pool construction professionals have taken coursework to become certified in their field. Construction professionals have proper licensure and insurance to protect themselves and your property while working in your pool. Renovation professionals focus on remodeling and not new pool construction.

  • Look for your pool remodeling partner to have affiliations with the APSP® the NSPF® and maybe the NPC®.
  • Look for experience, ask for references and take the time to look at sample projects first hand. 
  • Visit the remodeler’s showroom to find out if they are more than just a business license with an internet storefront.
  • Expect a written and detailed scope of work with line item pricing and expect it within 24 hours of the site survey.
  • Build a relationship now, and then when you need it, hire someone you can get along with for a couple of weeks. Think about it, do you really want to spend all that time working with the cheapest vendor?

At Precision Pool Remodeling we are trained and stand ready to take on your project. We are confident you will be pleased with the results of our work and hope you will refer us to your friends, affiliations, organizations and business associates. Plan ahead, spring is coming!


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