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Does you pool water stay cloudy? Is your water chemistry accurate?

21 Jan Blog | Comments
Does you pool water stay cloudy? Is your water chemistry accurate?

Maybe your pool water turnover rate is below what is needed to properly filter and chemically maintain that crystal clear look we all admire. Sure the filter might be dirty and maybe you are cleaning or backwashing the filter media only to find your efforts are short lived. Maybe your problem is deteriorating plaster.

Plaster or Marcite™ is a mixture of white marble dust and white cement. Marble dust is a fairly soft mineral and exhibits itself as a three on the mohs hardness scale. The relative softness allows for high detail and a pure white pool finish. That’s why white plaster is the traditional choice of many for their pool finish. Plaster is applied nominally at about ¼” thick and because it is soft it is prone to damage by aggressive water chemistry. As time goes on the marble dust and cement erode and get suspended in the pool water and thus the water begins to look more and more cloudy. The filter is working overtime to keep the water clear, but it just can’t keep up. Sure more acid will burn off some of that dust in suspension, but at what cost? You guessed it, more erosion of the pool finish.

If what is described above fits your symptoms maybe it is time to shop for a pool resurfacing company that can discuss the myriad options and the merits of each. Pool plastering companies are trying to sell their finishes and may not have your best interests in mind. Consider instead an industry advocate. A representative who knows the market and can help you shop for the right product to fit your budget.

Let us come to your home to assess your project. We can create a proposal for you and review it with material samples at our offices. We are confident you will come to realize what our customers already know. Precision Pool Renovations is the only pool remodeling company that looks at the whole pool and can put together a comprehensive proposal and project timeline. Most projects complete in 10 to 15 days.

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